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Gay re finance help, makes gay mortgage dreams come true!

PosterGay Refinance: Gay financial help with a mortgage when you need it. Gay Refinance provides financial help when it comes to gay mortgage financing. And that’s where offers you that special touch - whether you’re gay, bi, metrosexual, questioning or straight. offers highly qualified mortgage sources and advice whatever your circumstances credit card cash advance :

Our success in gay financial help is well known in the gay mortgage community. Special circumstances are the specialty of people who can shield you from loaded questions and unfair discrimination. We can help find the deal that matches your personal needs.

Mortgage info for gays – from a qualified professionals who know how to help you get the mortgage you need!

Your gay, mortgage searching and you’ve been a good boy.

You didn’t throw away the Saturday and Sunday personal finance papers, you even tried reading their mortgage sections and searching for gay friendly financial help to find the mortgage thats right for you. You may even have tried reading those tables showing the best buy but they haven’t got you excited. Instead, you’re confused by their footnotes and exclusions, penalties and payments. Getting a good mortgage isn't one of those things you do by yourself. Just like their straight counterparts, sometimes a man or woman who is gay needs financial help.

Don't be discouraged!
Gay Equity Loans specializes in helping people out of their "sub prime" loans and into "A Credit" rates — even if they have credit, income or employment problems. We provide loan sources that will focus on your strengths as a borrower and can overlook negative factors that may have hurt you in the past.

Have you been told you have to wait before you can save money by refinancing?

We can qualify you for exciting savings even when other lenders have quoted you high rates or turned you away.

You deserve:

  • A better loan
  • Faster service
  • Knowledgeable, experienced mortgage professionals
  • Free, no obligation loan quotes



Gay Home Loans

Less than perfect credit. We specialize in helping gay borrowers even if the credit is not perfect. You still could qualify for competitive rates and big savings.

Hard to prove income. Whether you're a gay self-employed man or have been told you can't document enough money to qualify, we offer loans that do not require traditional income verification.

Bankruptcy or Foreclosure. We now provide competitive rates even if your bankruptcy was discharged only yesterday. Recent foreclosures OK as well!

Think your situation is too tough to refinance?
Find out what friendly gay financial help can do for your gay mortgage.



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